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Early Learning Program

 Ignite Creativity, Unleash Potential!
Join our Early Learning Program at the Art Studio, where children aged 2-4 embark on an immersive journey of art, play, and exploration, nurturing their imagination, cognitive skills, and love for learning.
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Welcome to our Early Learning Program at BunnyHop, a vibrant and enriching experience designed for children aged 2 to 4 years old with two immersive language environment options(Mandarin/English). We understand the incredible growth and development that occurs during these early years, and our program aims to provide a nurturing environment where children can explore the world of art while also engaging in activities related to arts, language, dance, music, acting, games and more.

Our program includes:

Art activities: little ones will have the opportunity to engage in finger painting, sensory play with various art materials, exploring and sensing colors, shapes, and textures. Children can explore sensory bins, engage in playdough sculpting, experiment with color mixing, and engage in process-oriented art experiences that focus on the joy of creating rather than the end result.


Language activities: include interactive storytelling and puppetry sessions, where children will be captivated by tales and even have the chance to act out stories using puppets that enhance their listening skills, vocabulary, and imagination. We also incorporate songs and rhymes to encourage language development and early literacy.

Dance and movement activities, children will have the chance to express themselves through rhythm and body movement. They will learn simple dance routines, engage in creative movement exercises, and develop coordination and motor skills.

Music activities will introduce children to different musical instruments, rhythms, and melodies. They will enjoy singing along to familiar songs, exploring different sounds, and engaging in musical games that foster their auditory skills.

Acting activities, children will have the opportunity to use their imagination and participate in dramatic play. Through role-playing, puppet shows, and storytelling performances, they will develop confidence, creativity, and social skills.

Games activities, includes LEGO, blocks building and some age-appropriate games that encourage social interaction, turn-taking, and cognitive development. From board games to interactive group activities, children will have fun while enhancing their critical thinking, problem-solving, fine motor skills, and communication skills.

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey of discovery, imagination, and self-expression, igniting your child's love for the arts and setting a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Program Options

Program Schedule:

Our Program runs five days a week (Mon-Fri/Week).

But we offer flexible options 2- to 5-day options.​ Select a minimum of 2 days up to a maximum of 5 days per week for your child's enrollment.

Program Duration Options:

We offer half day for each day.

  • Half-day Program: 9AM -12PM Morning  sessions.

Language Options: 

We offer English/Mandarin Immersive environment.

  • English Language Option: Instruction primarily conducted in English.

  • Mandarin Language Option: Instruction primarily conducted in Mandarin.

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 2024 Semester ~ Enrolling

Summer 2024: Go check our Summber Camp! 


  • Age Requirement. All kids are required to be a minimum of 2 years old for enrollment into our program.

  • Early drop-off availability. We are happy to accommodate specific requests for early drop-off with prior notice. Please inform us in advance if you require early drop-off between 8-9AM for a safe and seamless experience.


2-day Option:

3-day Option:

4-day Option:

5-day Option:

Half/Full Day: 


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