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Class Schedule

Register for 2023 school year session: From now until 12/15 /2023~ ENROLLING

A confirmation email will be sent out once we receive your registration form.


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In the morning on weekends, there are two classes. From 9:00 to 10:30, we focus on drawing, and from 10:30 to 12:00, we focus on crafts. For students attending the 9:00-12:00 class, there is a break for snack in between.

No class on:

11/10/2023 Veterans Day

11/20/2023 - 11/26/2023 Thanksgiving

Book classes

Register for 2023 School Year Session from now until 12/15!

we will adjust the fees according to registration time.

A confirmation email will be sent out once we receive your registration!

Saturday Session Enroll

Sunday Session Enroll


Our tuition fee includes all materials (big canvas not included).

Tuition refund: Our courses are conducted in small classes, but we understand that unexpected situations may arise. Regarding refunds, we will refund 70% of the remaining course fee.

Missed and makeup class: Missed classes can be made up during other time slots within the same week or in classes of the corresponding age group before the end of this session. Missed classes will not be made up after the current session ends.

Drop-in class: We have a fixed number of participants and specific course content for each class, so we generally do not accept drop-in classes. However, if there are no other options, the drop-in class fee varies: $60 for a 1.5-hour class, $80 for a 2-hour class, and $100 for a 3-hour class.

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